Ep 45 – How Not to Fall Out of Love With Your Business When Hiring Your Team

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Welcome to this episode of Power Up Your Team podcast. This is your free resource with tips and tricks to build a high performing team.

If your business is growing and you are an entrepreneur with just a few part time resources, you sooner or later have to delegate larger portions of work that you used to do yourself. That is if you want to keep on growing.

It’s easy to let go of administrative tasks such as:

Most likely,  you have an array of business partners who provide support services such as accounting, legal support or IT services.

But what if, despite  all outsourcing and delegation, you are at your capacity limit?

Maybe it’s time to start building a full-time team!

You have covered all major parts of the business yourself: business development, client acquisition, design and delivery, billing, correspondence. You name it.

And you realize that, while you are in the weeds focusing on execution, you don’t have time to think about strategic stuff anymore.  You are rushing from one task to the next and still feel constantly behind.

So, the key question is:

Where do you start?

Who do you bring on board, first?

Here’s an approach I invite you to consider: Make your weakness your team’s strength.

Start with what you least enjoy doing, the stuff where you feel out of your zone of genius.

If you don’t like administrative tasks such as billing, bookkeeping, organizing things, creating process flows or work instruction, then maybe it’s time to put someone in charge of that.

If you don’t like to connect with new people every day, maybe it’s time to hire someone who focuses on business development.

To build a successful team, you have to be clear on YOUR strength and know what jobs you are hiring for.

And it’s equally important to do some soul searching on yourself.

You have to be clear on “how much leash” you want to give your first team member. Maybe not from the get go but over time.

Over my career, I have built many teams and I realized that it is important to recognize when someone is more skilled or talented in an area than I am myself. It’s important to acknowledge that and create a trusted, respectful climate.

By nature, I am an operations person and like to make sure things run well and there is a clear line of sight between activities and results. 

On the contrary, I never liked to go out and have networking conversations or join industry groups to solicit new business.

And guess what, there are people who loved just that! I put those people in positions to navigate our stakeholder landscape in and outside the company and let them run that show.

We aligned on purpose, intend and strategy. But that’s it. In our check-in meeting I viewed them as equal partner in pursuit of business success.

The first few hires are the most crucial ones because you are hiring 50 % of your team with the first hire and 33 % with the second and so forth.

In this stage, it’s maybe important to acquire someone with skills you don’t have at all.  Equally important is the personality and fit and the right motivation. Check out episode 10 “Don’t compromise on this when you hire your next leader” to learn more.

If you really want to have relief and find free time, you have to steer towards letting someone run some aspect of your shop.

Keep the tasks you enjoy doing most so that you don’t fall out of love with your own business. And build a team that helps you navigate your business to the next level of success.