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Martina Kuhlmeyer, Business Coach and Team Building Strategist

You are a successful CEO, Business Owner or Founder in the service industry who has built a company from the ground up.

But now, you are wondering how to get out of the weeds and be much less hands-on.

You want to think more strategically and steer your company towards the next level. And you know you need the right players in the right positions to make that happen.

That’s where I come in:

Throughout my 30 years’ experience building and leading many different teams I have discovered the magic ingredients that move the needle from good to exceptional.

I created Power Up Your Team to help entrepreneurs like you to build a high-performing team so they can scale up and win in the marketplace.

Here’s how we will make that happen:

Create Crystal Clear
Strategic Focus

Step Into & Optimize
Your CEO Role

Design & Develop a
High-Performing Team

Adopt an Unshakeable
Process Mindset

I want to hear all about your business goals and challenges. Let’s talk soon.

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Martina Kuhlmeyer
Founder & Executive Coach
Power Up Your Team